Designing your own RC car is an interesting engineering challenge for people of all skill levels. Making sure all the necessary hardware fits onto and into the car, as well as optimizing it for speed and making it look just plain cool, is a great way to learn about design and exercise your creativity.

However, how can you bring custom RC car parts to life? CNC machines provide the answer!

CNC RC car parts are all based on instructions given to a computer from a 3D CAD design. CNC machines include mills, presses, and more. These CNC machines can rotate on various axes to follow the instructions perfectly every single time they are run. While hand-making RC car parts is impressive, a human operator is never as precise as a CNC machine. 

CNC RC Car Frames

CNC RC car frames have almost limitless possibilities when it comes to design. If a CNC machine can rotate on the appropriate axes and perform the correct machining function, it can create your design exactly. CNC RC car bodies can be made from a variety of materials, including different kinds of plastic and metal.

CNC RC car parts are also a great choice for the same reason. If you’re looking to design a custom part to optimize your RC car, CNC gives you a lot of freedom with your design. This is also true if you’re looking for hard to find RC car parts or ones that are packaged with extras that just go to waste. 

CNC Aluminium Parts

CNC will also allow you to use materials for your RC car parts that are often expensive. Aluminum is a material often machined with CNC, meaning that it is possible for you to easily design and create CNC aluminum RC car parts in a more affordable way.

At Jawstec, we are happy to help you explore the possibilities of CNC RC car parts. Our expert team understands the best ways to get the most out of CNC technology. Contact us today for a CNC design quote so we can help you design an amazing CNC RC car.