3D Model Marketplace

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A Marketplace for creators to buy and sell their 3D designs and models.

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The Marketplace


3D Model Marketplace

JawsTec is in the process of developing a marketplace where creators and designers can sell digital and physical models of their 3D designs. While most 3D model marketplaces allow designs to be downloaded for free, creators will now have an opportunity to earn a passive income through selling physical models and CAD models. Their 3D designs will also be able to be bought and sold as an NFT for ownership over the model and its royalties. Users will also be able to connect their Web 3.0 wallet, such as MetaMask, to the marketplace to buy and trade NFTs. 

How it works!


To sell 3D physical models and CAD models, users will set up a seller account and upload their 3D model designs. They will be given the option to sell digital models and physical models, or sell ownership of the model through an NFT auction or NFT fixed-price listing. 


All uploaded models and designs can be searched and browsed on the marketplace platform and sorted by category, price, or popularity. Transactions can be made with Credit Card or or cryptocurrency, depending on whether an NFT or model is purchased.   


Once an order has been placed, JawsTec will facilitate the sale, printing, and shipping of the model or design. Sellers can sit back and let their passive income grow! NFTs purchased on JawsTec’s Marketplace will immediately go into production at the JawsTec printing facility so that the owner can have a physical product tied to their NFT. 


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for ‘Non-fungible token’. In short, it is a digital asset that is unique and irreplaceable that is sold or traded over blockchain platforms. They differ from cryptocurrencies which are fungible tokens that are identical and interchangeable. NFTs could be anything that can be stored digitally, such as art, music, gaming, videos, and in our case, 3D model designs.

How do NFTs work?

When creating an NFT, a digital asset is essentially transformed into a unique, verifiable digital asset that has a digital signature showing ownership of the asset. These digital assets are stored on a blockchain and can be sold or traded in cryptocurrency.

Can a 3D model be an NFT?

A 3D model can now be pushed onto the blockchain exclusively by JawsTec using our unique minting process.

Can an NFT be a physical printed object?

NFTs must be tied to some form of digital asset as they are digitally stored within the blockchain. At this moment, physical printed objects themselves cannot be minted into an NFT. JawsTec’s Marketplace gives users the ability to sell and trade their 3D model designs as an NFT transferring ownership over that design. What sets JawsTec apart from NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible, is that a physical representation of the NFT is printed and sent to the new owner so they can hold, feel, and acknowledge their new investment.

How do you make 3D NFT art?

3D models are used in all aspects of development of movies, games, and/or art and can be published as an NFT on the blockchain

Where can I find 3D NFT designers?

You can search for a local designer near you to produce a CAD design or you can find modelers online from Upwork or Fiverr.

Where can I buy 3D NFTs?

JawsTec 3D Model Marketplace is the only place currently that lets you purchase 3D model NFTs.

Can I sell a 3D model as NFT?

When your model is uploaded, you can chose the pricing for the digital model sale, the physical model sale and the NFT price to take over the ownership of that model and the Royalties it receives.

Where can I sell my NFT designs?

Currently there are many sites to sell NFTs but very few if any outside of JawsTec’s marketplace that focus on 3D model NFTs.

What is the best 3D NFT marketplace?

The best 3D NFT marketplace is JawsTec’s online marketplace that focuses on physical, digital and NFT models.

How do I get started?

NFTs are stored on a blockchain and can only be purchased with cryptocurrency. To buy an NFT, the first step would be to own some cryptocurrency which can then be stored in a digital wallet. There are many digital wallets you can choose from, MetaMask being one of the most popular.