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“Nothing but a great experience! I have been using their services fro about a year now and the quality of the print is outstanding.”

B. Braun

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Our Process

For your 3D printing quote, Upload your .stl,.obj, .stp, or .step files(s) to the instant quote box above and they will be quickly analyzed for volume and size. It’s up to you to insure that the minimum wall thickness for each object is greater that 1mm. Verify units (mm, cm, or in), choose paramters and quantity, and proceed to purchase. ***Please remeber that you are responsible for files that are printed wrong because of bad ort corrupted files or multi part files.

We get your order, check your files and contact you if necessary. Once we are done with the analysis we setup your files to be printed on one of our industrial 3D printers and quickly 3D print the parts as specified. Your parts are carefully packaged and shipped via the chosen method. We guarentee our work so if they aren’t as expected we will work with you to make sure you get what you need.

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