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You’ve probably heard the term “CNC Machining” when talking about manufacturing. You might have heard it specifically in regard to 3D printing. This is a machining method that is already in wide use. It only continues to grow in popularity as it expands into more and more sectors of manufacturing.

With our methods, we can help you to manufacture premium products.

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC is short for “Computer Numerical Control.” It describes an automated method of machining. A computer controls all the tools involved in the manufacturing process. It is then programmed with exact specifications to create the desired product.

This method is rapidly replacing the manual method in which people control the various tool components. This is because it can create products with a much higher degree of precision and consistency.


There are many benefits to CNC machining. It increases production and product quality. More than that, it reduces the effect of human error. In the end, it can save manufacturers a lot of time and money.

In addition, CNC machines take up a lot less space than traditional machining equipment. At the same time, it requires far fewer people to reach the same outcome. This means you can do more work at a lower cost. The product made via this technology is less likely to have defects. It can save additional money and material.

By using CNC machining, we bring you all these time and cost-saving benefits and more. Plus, this method allows us to be flexible and adaptive to your unique needs. No matter the printing project, we aim to deliver the best.


Almost any automated tool can be configured to CNC machining. This includes laser cutters, lathes, water jet cutters, and even embroidery machines. Our tools can be programmed to cut complex shapes and angles. They can also create delicate designs. As is the case in 3D printing, we can lay material in almost any shape imaginable.

We can also reprogram the CNC code at any time. This can change the tool directions and output. What this means is that we can use one system to create an endless number of unique products. That way if you need to make any changes, we can do so with the simple push of a button.

Precision Is Key

Precision in 3D printing is key. Even the smallest imperfection in one layer can cause defects in successive ones. A minor error can negatively impact the overall shape and functionality of the product. That’s why we commit to using CNC machining to ensure greater accuracy for your products.

It follows that the 3D printing process relies heavily on programs inspired by CNC machining. The printing process uses them to precisely add material in repeating layers. This creates the desired shape.

The key difference between 3D printing CNC programs and other types of CNC programs is that 3D printing is an additive process. In contrast, most others are subtractive. Subtractive programs might be a water jet cutter program, for example. Most other CNC manufacturing programs grind or cut objects to a specific shape.

With our 3D printing, we use automation to build an object. We create layer after layer to build your ideal design.  

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We commit to using the best and most up to date technology in our 3D printing process. That’s why we take full advantage of CNC manufacturing methods. It allows us to create almost any shape imaginable. If you can design it, we can print it.

Our design service will help you take full advantage of everything our unique 3D printing process has to offer. That way, you can create a product that fits your distinct needs and specifications. Contact us today to speak with a representative to get a quote for your next 3D printing project.

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