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We offer project feasibility, product design & validation, process optimization, production streamlining, and factory design. With these options, JawsTec provides a way for creators to get their projects off the ground with unique speed and accuracy. 3D design services that optimize the ability to innovate and create. JawsTec works closely with the designers and creators to ensure products meet their required properties, finishes, and end-use cases. Design with a purpose! Helping innovators and creators get their goals done.

Trusted by Medical, Automotive, and Robotics Companies

We have worked with and are in projects with companies doing customized orthotics, automotive covers with a unique texture, and robotic end-of-arm tooling projects. These clients have specific needs when designing for manufacturing and with our engineering team and personnel, we are able to optimize a project for additive manufacturing, subtractive machining, injection molding, and/or sheet metal fabrication. Designs you can use, for needs that are specific to you.

How an Engineering Design Project Happens


Contact us through this page to get in touch with a qualitied engineer or designer. We will set up a customer discovery call and project feasibility discussion. This will set the stage for next steps in the project for getting quotes and parts created.


JawsTec will review the product design and optimize it for additive manufacturing, subtractive machining or any other manufacturing processes that are going to be utilized. We will preform a part validation for the process and then move it to the next step of production streamlining. 


Once a part is in production prototyping can happen seamlessly. We will review and adjust accordingly to give you the best chance of success. We will then shift into factory design and open the options for contract manufacturing to set up a constant flow of products from our facility to your business.

Experience a Customized 3D Design Service

Utilizing our 3D Modeling and Engineering Design Service we help you unlock your innovation potential. We can help with rendering your CAD design, optimizing manufacturing for your product, or creating a simple STL file. We have the expertise and experience here at JawsTec to create and engineer your parts with accuracy, skill, and speed. Take a look at the industries and services we offer and see if we are the right fit for you.

Key Points in Professional 3D Design Services


Medical – We have optimized knee braces, orthotics, and casts for unique patients needs and protection.

Automotive – JawsTec has created textured parts for the interior of vehicles that can be printed as is for fitment and everyday use. As well as airflow optimization and mount creation.

Robotics – End-of-Arm tooling creation for lightweight, optimized parts for cleaner workflow with robot manufacturing.


Key services JawsTec offers would be the product design and process optimization for our clients. Utilizing our 3D Design services can reduce your risk in manufacturing and the need for multiple prototypes. We will design the product for the key process that will be used to manufacture the parts. Utilizing the process allows for more complex surfacing, form fitting, and assembly. We can design lattices structures into your part with ease.


Using generative design, JawsTec can offer lattice creation, airflow optimization, body fitment, and surface finishing design as a possibility with key partnerships with HP and other high tier companies. We can utilize their software and design expertise for additive manufacturing. We now have the ability to put an automotive texture on parts for our automotive customers with little effort.

Engineering Design FAQ

What can you design?

We offer a CAD designing service that specializes in part optimization for manufacturing. Commonly referred to as DFM (design for manufacturing). We also can use computer generative software to further increase the usability of your product like textures or lattices.

How to start the design service?

The first step is to reach out to our [email protected] email. From here we will conduct a project feasibility and customer discovery call to see if we can help in the best possible way.

Cost of a 3D Design Service?

The cost of designing your product for manufacturing depends on the project requirments. Simple projects can be created in less than an hour with minimal issues but larger in-depth projects require open dialogues and clear goals for the parts.

How to get my product design?

We start with a project feasibility and customer discovery call. This will set up the needed understanding from our design team and your expectations of our service. The next step is to get all details finalized and the initial part and process created and chosen. 

What is project feasibility for engineering design?

JawsTec will review the project submitted to our team and see what the requirements and design constraints are on the product. We will then start a customer discovery to ensure we set proper expectations and goals for the project.

3D Product design and validation stage

JawsTec will create a CAD model based on your requirements and provide you with the model that you can then start manufacturing for CNC Machining, Additive Manufacturing, or Sheet Metal Fabrication.


CAD Process Design and Validation

JawsTec will review your product that was designed and created for the specific application and ensure the manufacturing process selected will produce the correct goal for the customer. This would include a review of orientation, material needs, bend angles, thickness concerns, holding options, heat pockets, and relief vales just to name a few.

How to get you CAD model into production?

The next step is to streamline workflow for production on your model. We will optimize the creation of your parts to ensure a consistent part and quantity to the point where they are meeting your needs and expectations.

What is factory design for my parts?

The last stage in manufacturing your part would be the setup for mass manufacturing and signing contracts to produce your product consistently. JawsTec specializes in factory mass production and can help reduce costs and keep high standards and quality for your parts.

Automotive CAD Design

Currently, JawsTec manufactures a wide variety of automotive parts. We have helped customers adjust airflow units to utilize additive manufacturing with more organic shapes to reduce weight and increase efficiency. We have helped place textures on exterior surfaces to provide a patterned feel inside the vehicle. 

Robotics CAD Design

JawsTec is involved with robotic manufacturing