Fabrication Services

Here at JawsTec, we have created a simple process where you can get production-ready parts for a fraction of the cost. Whether it is a prototype to test or a large quantity of commercial use parts, we offer the best 3D printing and custom manufacturing services for a variety of industries including Automotive and Design. We empower companies to bring their ideas to life through our Additive Manufacturing technologies. JawsTec will continue to grow and offer the latest 3D printing and 3D technologies as they are developed. We are set on printing the best quality products for commercial and everyday use. We also now offer Sheet Metal Fabrication, CNC Manufacturing, & Injection Molding with the same high level of service we have  come to be known for:

3D Printing

JawsTec online 3D printing service use industrial 3D printing machines, which helps our customers get the best quality prints at competitive prices and quick lead times…

Sheet Metal

Upload your CAD and DXF files to get an instant quote on sheet metal cutting and bending service for prototypes and production parts. Lead times as fast as 3 days…

CNC Manufacturing

Using Computer Numerical Control methods we are able to manufacture premium products with a much higher degree of precision and consistency. We use both Milling and Lathes.

Injection Molding

Our Injection Molding process allows us to create parts and products quickly and in a cost effecient manner. this process is ideal for producing parts in mid to high quantities 

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