Cloud Manufacturing Services

Cloud Manufacturing Services

JawsTec utilizes cloud manufacturing to provide parts on demand to its customers. Teaming up with a network of 3D printing, CNC, and fabrication manufacturers,  quality products can be produced quickly and cost-efficiently. As demand for manufactured parts increases, cloud manufacturing provides a sustainable and efficient solution for prototyping and mass production. Take advantage of JawsTec’s Cloud Manufacturing Services today.

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What is Cloud Manufacturing?

Cloud Manufacturing is a business model that capitalizes on the manufacturing capabilities of multiple manufacturers all over a cloud platform. A customer is able to visit one website to order a part, but the part can be produced by several companies sharing the production load. Costs and environmental impacts can be significantly reduced in cloud manufacturing by optimizing resource allocation.  Jobs are be assigned based on location, manufacturing capabilities, and capacity leading to increased efficiency, lower manufacturing costs, and ultimately sustainability. JawsTec is partnered with several other manufacturers with various capabilities including color 3D printing, metal 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, with the hope to provide the parts you need with quicker lead times and reduced costs. 

Using JawsTec for your manufacturing needs you get:

Fast, Instant Online Quote

Quick turn-around

Attention to details

Color Options

Material Options

Top notch post processing

SO9001, ISO13485, AS9100 certified manufacturing partners


Free Instant Quote

1. Upload Files (Up to 30 at a time)

2. Select Material, Color, Finish, and Quantity

3. Add to order, select shipping, expedite, & purchase

Manufacturing Processes


3D Printing

With Cloud Manufacturing, JawsTec now has the ability to provide color and metal 3D printed parts. Order your 3D printed part today by submitting your STL file to our online quote engine. 

cnc machining

CNC Manufacturing

JawsTec manufactures high precision, quality parts with our CNC machines. Whether it is for a prototype or mass production, we make sure you receive your parts quickly and at affordable prices.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Cloud Manufacturing allows sheet metal jobs of any size to be executed quickly and efficiently. Submit your .dxf files for a free quote and let us cut and bend your parts to your specifications.

“Nothing but a great experience! I have been using their services for about a year now and the quality of the print is outstanding.”

B. Braun

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