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3D Design Partner

We offer anything from 2d basic AutoCAD layouts to 3d model CAD designs in addition to FEA and CFD work. We do many full-cycle product developments. In addition, we have also done basic and advanced CAD work to assist customers/businesses when contracting labor made sense to them. As I mentioned our specialty is the “napkin sketch” customers that have an idea for a product and a rough doodle on a piece of paper or something half drawn in MS Paint. What we do is help that customer through the design iterations of their idea from concept to first prototype. Once the customer is happy with the final physical prototype we then switch to business development assistance. This is oftentimes¬†are items such as patenting, advertising, websites, production sourcing, material sourcing, etc. Our goal is that a customer comes to us with an idea and finishes with us with a physical manufacturable (this is the key as many “design houses” make non-manufacturable photoshop renderings or complex 5 axis required for a $5 product) prototype that they can take to investors or market.

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