3D Printing Materials

JawsTec is excited to have a 3D Printing Calculator for an instant 3D print quote. We now have an instant Machining Quote Engine that operates 24 hours a day so you can get your 3D print quote immediately. We can 3D print metal and plastics. We will be 3D printing anything we can for a price that is very reasonable. We can now offer quotes on 3D-printed metal. We want our customers to be proud that they got their products 3D printed and we believe that we can create products you can be proud of. We are creating new quality check systems every day. JawsTec wants to lead the charge for small businesses everywhere to give them production-ready parts for testing and consumer use.

Tolerance for SLS PA2200 and MJF  3D printed Nylon PA11 and PA12

  • (X, Y): +/- 0.300 mm (+/- 0.012″) or 100 mm +/-0.3%
  • (Z):  +/- 0.400 mm (+/- 0.015″) or  > 100 mm +/- 0.4%

Tolerance for MJF  3D printed Polypropylene

  • (X, Y): +/- 0.500 mm  or > 100 mm +/-0.7%
  • (Z):  +/- 0.800 mm or  > 100 mm +/- 1.1%

Build Volume for our SLS and MJF printers are as follows:

JawsTec Finish Options

  • Raw
    • Is the default surface finish right out of the printer after all the excess power has been removed by our PowerShot C.
  • Polished
    • Is the part being tumbled in our PowerShot S and then manually shot-peened, this provides a smooth finish to your part.
  • Vapor Polished
    • Is the process of smoothing the surface of 3D Printed parts using our PostPro3D machine. The results give your parts the look of professionally made injection molded parts.