Surface finishes

Aluminum anodizing services

Anodizing aluminum parts results in a smooth surface finish with higher corrosion resistance and insulated characteristics. 

Anodizing versus Hard-Coat Anodizing

Surface preparation
Visual appearance
Anodizing Black, clear, red, blue, orange, and gold Increased durability, can be dyed, inside surfaces Better than powder coating, titanium and aluminum only 8 to 16μm Grainy finish, matte surface
Hard Coat Anodizing Black and natural Extra increased durability, better dimensional control Thicker than regular anodizing, titanium and aluminum only 40 to 60µm Grainy, matte, smooth surface

Color options for aluminum anodizing







Color options for hard coat aluminum anodizing



Gallery of anodized parts manufactured by JawsTec

Design considerations for aluminum anodizing

When designing a CAD file for your anodized parts, there are some considerations to keep in mind.


  • You will want to understand how your parts will be suspended in the anodizing machine. We will tie your parts to a rack which may leave marks on the parts. Please provide a technical drawing to help us attach your parts in a way that will minimize the effect on your parts.
  • You may also want to keep in mind that anodizing may thicken the surface of your parts, although it shouldn’t affect the end dimensions. You can mask certain areas of your parts that are especially specific in dimensions if necessary. You can also request plugs in your holes to preserve their dimensions.
  • You should also consider that anodizing will remove the conductive nature of your parts. If you need your parts to remain conductive, we suggest requesting a different finish such as polished or raw.

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