CNC machining materials

Aluminum CNC machining service

CNC Machining uses a numerical code to program a computer while it cuts a part out of the metal material.

CNC Aluminum

CNC machining in aluminum is a popular option for the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. It supplies a quality part that is lightweight yet strong.


Applications Medical, automotive, and aerospace parts, lightweight mechanical parts, replacement parts
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Very durable
  • Easy to work with
  • Some varieties corrode easily
  • Some varieties need surface treatments
  • Heat resistance issues



Price $$$$$
Lead Time 20 business days
Wall Thickness 1 mm
Tolerance +/- .127mm
Max weight on table 113 kg


Available materials

Aluminum 6061

CNC machined Aluminum 6061 is best for automotive, aerospace, medical parts, and any other part that needs to be lightweight yet sturdy. It can be welded and is a great all-purpose CNC material.

Aluminum 7075

CNC machined Aluminum 7075 is great for aerospace parts since it has great fatigue resistance. It is also lightweight yet sturdy. It is good for gears and shaft parts, and has zinc as a main alloy element.


  • FAQ 1: Do you offer CAD design work?

    We have an in-house CAD file designer available to hire starting at $50/hour. Email [email protected] for more information.

  • FAQ 2: What CNC processes do you offer?

    We have CNC milling machines and CNC turning lathes.

  • FAQ 3: What types of finishes do you offer for CNC parts?

    We can leave your parts as-machined, or andonize, powder coat, bead blast, or hard coat andonize them. You can specify the finish you want when placing your order.

  • FAQ 4: What CNC material types do you offer?

  • FAQ 5: Do you offer rush production?

    Rush production is available for CNC orders. You can specifiy rush production when placing your order.

  • FAQ 6: What process is CNC considered to be?

    CNC is considered to be a subtractive process, since it works by cutting away at a block of material to form the desired object.

  • FAQ 7: What does CNC stand for?

    CNC means Computer Numerical Control. This refers to the manner in which a computer is programmed with numbers to create the part.

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