Surface finishes

As machined services

Here at JawsTec, we offer several different finishes for your parts. Our “as machined” option leaves the part untouched after post processing. This finish is best for mechanical parts or those with no cosmetic application.
Surface roughness
Applicable materials
Texture description
Visual appearance
Raw, as machined 3D printed materials, CNC metals As machined 3D printed parts feel slightly rough and grainy, as machined CNC parts may have small surface marks and scratches As machined 3D printed parts look plain and are in default material color, as machined CNC parts may have small machine marks visible on surface

Example of as machined parts

As machined 3D printed part

  • grainy texture
  • slightly rough surface
  • less uniform appearance

As machined CNC part

  • small appearance defects
  • visible marks and scratches
  • raw material appearance

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