CNC machining materials

Copper CNC machining service

Machining in copper is a a great option for CNC projects because it is very versatile in applications.

CNC Copper Materials

We offer two types of Copper for CNC projects: Copper C101 and Copper C110.


Applications Copper is best used for electrically and thermally conductive applications.
  • easy to machine
  • widely available
  • naturally antimicrobial
  • may naturally oxidize
  • works best with surface treatment
  • costly materials


Price $$$$$
Lead Time 20 business days
Wall Thickness 1 mm
Tolerance -/+ 0.127 mm
Max table weight 113 kg

Available materials

Copper C101

C101 is a very pure type of copper, making it excel at conductivity. This extra conductivity is a factor to consider when designing your projects, as it can be very detrimental or helpful, depending on your needs. Copper C101 is often found in the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. 

Copper C110

Copper C110 is slightly less pure than C101. However, it is more cost-effective and usually suits a project’s needs just as well. It is also easier to machine and work with than C101. We suggest determining the exact goals and needs of your project to help decide which material would work best. 

Copper CNC machining services

With JawsTec, you will experience top-quality service and professional CNC machining work. Try our different varieties of materials and processes before finalizing your order to ensure your project ends up exactly as you want it. If you have any issues or problems with the whole process, simply email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.


  • FAQ 1: Do you offer CAD design work?

    We have an in-house CAD file designer available to hire starting at $50/hour. Email [email protected] for more information.

  • FAQ 2: What CNC processes do you offer?

    We have CNC milling machines and CNC turning lathes.

  • FAQ 3: What types of finishes do you offer for CNC parts?

    We can leave your parts as-machined, or andonize, powder coat, bead blast, or hard coat andonize them. You can specify the finish you want when placing your order.

  • FAQ 4: What CNC material types do you offer?

    We can produce CNC parts in a number of metals or plastics. View our whole list of materials here.

  • FAQ 5: Do you offer rush production?

    Rush production is available for CNC orders. You can specifiy rush production when placing your order.

  • FAQ 6: What process is CNC considered to be?

    CNC is considered to be a subtractive process, since it works by cutting away at a block of material to form the desired object.

  • FAQ 7: What does CNC stand for?

    CNC means Computer Numerical Control. This refers to the manner in which a computer is programmed with numbers to create the part.

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