Surface finishes

JawsTec offers a comprehensive selection of surface finishes to cater to diverse manufacturing requirements. From vapor smoothing to polishing, “As machined”, Aluminum anodizing,  and bead blasting, clients have a wide range of options to choose from.

Our surface finishes

Texture description / Visual appearance

Raw surface finish

Raw 3D printed parts feel slightly rough and grainy.  
Polishing Free from scratches, marks, and surface defects. Polishing services >>
Vapor Smoothing Vapor Smoothing Smooth and glossy. Vapor smoothing services >>
As machined As machined CNC parts may have small surface marks and scratches. As machined services >>
Aluminum anodizing Aluminum anodizing Grainy finish, matte surface. Hard coat anodizing will have smooth surface. Aluminum anodizing services >>
Bead Blasting Bead blasting Matte, smooth, clean. Bead blasting services >>


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    What type of printers do you use?

    We print using the MJF 4200/5210 machines from HP, along with the EOS P396/P770 and XYZ 230 machines.

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    Will you share my files with anyone on social media?

    No, we keep your files and finished parts confidential unless otherwise specified by you, our customer.

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    Do you offer 3D scanning off an existing model?

    Sadly we do not offer this service.

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    Do you print in color?

    We now offer HP full-color printing. If order to get a quote, you will need a .3MF file.

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    What kind of turn-around time can I expect?

    We strive for a 4-5 business day turnaround time.

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    What material is the most impact resistant?

    MJF Polypropylene.

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    Can I email or phone in an order?

    We prefer that orders are placed in our instant quote engine. If you need help through the process, please contact us.

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    What wall thickness should my parts have?

    We suggest that your prints contain a wall thickness of 1 mm or more. Any thinner, and we cannot assure the quality of your parts.

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    What is the shore hardness of your TPU?

    The shore hardness of your TPU is 86A.

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    What types of post-processing finishes do you offer?

    We offer raw, tumbling, polished, and vapor polished post processing finishes for our prints.

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    Do you offer CAD design work?

    Yes, we have a CAD designer available for hire starting at $50/hour. For info on this service, email [email protected].