Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet Metal

Fabrication Services

Sheet metal fabrication services provide an option for producing flat or bent parts with laser cutting technology and press brakes. Sheet metal technology allows for flat or shaped metal projects, such as hinges, signs, frames, and boxes.

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Our sheet metal fabrication capabilities

Learn about the types of sheet metal technologies available.

Optimizing Sheet Metal Fabrication

Laser cutting

Laser cutting allows you to cut flat sheets of metal into desired forms or cutouts.

  • Different metal materials
  • Water jet, plasma, or punching cutting techniques
  • Endlessly customizable
  • Various applications in industries
sheet metal fabrication service


Sheet metal bending gives you the ability to shape your sheet metal project in 3D forms.

  • Wider applications for projects
  • Turn sheet metal into braces, hinges, and other 3D parts
  • Reshaping without breaking
  • More precise that traditional methods

Materials for sheet metal fabrication

We offer many different types of materials for sheet metal projects. 

Aluminum 5052 Stainless Steel
Aluminum 6061 Steel – CRS – HRPO
  Steel – Galvanized

Tolerances and design guidelines for sheet metal fabrication

Learn about the specifications for sheet metal project design.

Tolerance and Guideline
Minimum bend 1X sheet metal thickness
Minimum hole to edge distance 2X sheet metal thickness
Minimum hole to hole distance 6X sheet metal thickness
Minimum hole to bend edge distance 6X sheet metal thickness
Minimum feature to countersink 8X sheet metal thickness
Minimum countersink depth 1X sheet metal thickness
Relief cuts 1X sheet metal thickness
Cutting feature +/- 0.00787″ (0.20 mm)
Bend angle +/- 1.0°
Bend to edge +/- 0.010″ (0.254 mm)

Sheet metal fabrication surface finishes

Choose from a variety of post-fabrication surface finishes.

No finish

Parts are shipped as-machined, in raw condition


Addition of thin, non-corrosive layer, smooth, pleasing surface

Powder Coated

Addition of thin paint layer, protective, available in many colors

Bead Blasted

Uniform matte finish, visual improvement, removes tool marks

Chemical Film

Chemical coating applied to protect from corrosion

JawsTec’s ordering process

Upload your files to our sheet metal fabrication quote page, be sure to specify all the details of your project. We will get back to you with a quote shortly.

Your parts will be put into production and will be professionally processed and finished. We will ship the parts according to your shipping selection at checkout.

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Receive your parts at your doorstep and put them to use! Keep JawsTec in mind for your next sheet metal project.

Our other manufacturing capabilities

3d printing capabilities

3D printing

Get your parts made easily with 3D printing. This process works by layering a polymer powder and solidifying it with a laser. Available in many colors, materials, and processes.

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CNC Machining Services

CNC machining

CNC machining produces parts by reading a numerical code from a file and then producing a matching part from metal or plastic material

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Injection molding

A traditional manufacturing method, injection molding is best for large, production-size orders. It can be done with different materials and requires a pre-formed mold to be injected with the molten material. 

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Start fabricating your sheet metal parts today.