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Thermoplastic polyurethane 3D printing service

3D printing with thermoplastic polyurethane material is a cost efficient option for flexible yet sturdy parts. Read more about it below.

SLS Thermoplastic Polyurethane

You can order your parts in thermoplastic polyurethane from our SLS processes. TPU is a flexible material that can be bent and has a shore hardness of 86A.  


General Information SLS TPU is a great material for products that need to be flexible or bendable. If you need a part like a tube that is chemically resistant, highly tolerant to low temperatures, and can be dyed to many colors, TPU is the material for you. It is especially beneficial for medical purposes like arm, wrist, or neck braces. 
  • Flexible material
  • Complex shapes and geometries
  • Affordable option
  • Quick results
  • Eco-friendly
  • Consistent performance
  • Higher cost than regular SLS parts
  • Longer lead time



Price $ $ $ $ $
Lead Time  +/- 10 business days
Wall Thickness 1 mm

(X,Y): +\- 0.3mm or 100mm +\- 0.3%

(Z): +\- 0.4mm or 100mm +\- 0.4%

Max part size (HP MJF 4210 and 5210): 380mm x 280mm x 380mm
Layer height 120 μm


Available materials

SLS Thermoplastic Polyurethane

We offer 3D printing with our SLS TPU material. You can select this option when uploading your files in our instant quote page. With flexible, affordable, and eco-friendly properties, this material is a great option for your project. These parts are great for many types of projects, from medical to automotive applications. 


  • FAQ 1: What resolution are your prints?

    Our prints have a layer thickness of 80 microns in MJF and 120 microns in SLS.

  • FAQ 2: What types of printers do you use?

    We print with HP MJF 4200 and 5210 machines, as well as EOS P396, P770, and XYZ 230 machines.

  • FAQ 3: What types of finishes do you offer?

    We offer raw, tumbled, polished, and vapor polished finishes on our parts.

  • FAQ 4: Does tumbling, polishing, or vapor polishing affect the dimensions of my parts?

    Tumbling, polishing, or vapor polishing finishes may affect the final dimensions of your parts by 0.05mm.

  • FAQ 5: Do you offer rush production?

    Rush production is available for MJF PA12, SLS PA12, and SLS PA2200. However, you must have your orders in by 2:00 MST in order to start printing the same day. If you order comes in after 2:00 MST, your rush production order will be delayed by one business day. You can select rush production on our quote page.

  • FAQ 6: What is your most flexible material?

    Our TPU with a shore hardness of 86A is the most flexible material we have.

  • FAQ 7: What type of files can you print off of?

    We can print off almost any CAD file type. We prefer .STL files.

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