Surface finishes

Bead blasting services

Another finishing option for your parts is bead blasting, which gives your pieces a smooth, matte appearance.

Bead blasting specifications

Applicable materials
Visual description
CNC machining metals Small beads Improved cosmetic appearance Matte, smooth, clean

Example of a bead blasted part

How does a bead blasting surface finish work?

With bead blasting finishing, your parts are placed in a chamber and blasted with an air flow that contains small glass beads. The beads hit the part consistently, resulting in a uniform surface appearance that can be described as dull or matte. Bead blasting removes minor surface defects like marks, scratches, and rubs. It can also work to harden the surface of the part and increase the durability.

The JawsTec bead blasting process

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Our bead blasting process is exact and will provide a professional and finished look to your parts.

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