Selecting a Manufacturing Method

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How to Choose a Manufacturing Method


There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing which manufacturing method to use for your custom parts. One has to consider the functionality of a part, including its strength and accuracy, as well as the cost-effectiveness of certain materials or processes. Fortunately, JawsTec has created a quiz that will help you determine the best manufacturing method for your project. 

Manufacturing Methods


3D Printing

This low cost manufacturing method is perfect for those needing a mix of both strong and lightweight parts. While often used for rapid prototyping because of the speed at which parts can be produced, more and more businesses are using 3D printing for final part production. JawsTec offers a wide range of 3D printing materials that vary in strength and flexibility.

3D Printing custom parts

CNC Machining

JawsTec offers CNC machining services for customers needing custom parts with high levels of precision and accuracy. Production part manufacturing is where this method shines with its ability to produce quality parts at scale.  As with 3D printing, both metal and plastic materials can be utilized. 

Part Customization

Whether you choose our 3D printing, CNC machining, or sheet metal fabrication services, each method utilizes post-processing that allows for full part customization. You can select your part’s color along with the desired finish. The types of finishes vary depending on the material chosen, but range from vapor polishing to hard coat anodizing.