3D Printed Jewelry

Jul 21, 2021 | 3D printing | 0 comments

Jewelry-making is an avenue of nearly unlimited creativity. Whether you craft your own out of metal, wire, or beads, you can create works of art in numerous ways. 

3D Printing and the Wonders It Make for Jewelries

One of the most interesting developments for jewelry-making is 3D printing. 3D printed jewelry offers new opportunities for creative designs. The unique ability of 3D printing to create structures difficult or nearly impossible to make any other way as well as its diversity of materials means that jewelry-makers can explore whole new ways to make their creations a reality.

All 3D-printed products were originally a 3D CAD design in a computer. These CAD files direct the 3D printer to perfectly replicate their designs. This means that just about anything you can design can be printed just how you design it. If you have a jewelry idea but lack the equipment to cast it, a 3D printer offers a more user-friendly way that takes your idea right from the computer file you created it in and makes it something you can touch and feel.

Part of the wonder of 3D printed jewelry is the number of shapes it can take. 3D printing works layer by layer to build a product, either extruding material every layer, or sintering layers of powder together. This means that the structural concerns are different. Large tools can only be so delicate or precise, limiting the angles, gaps, and shapes they can create. With our 3D printing service, you can create jewelry in shapes that may not be possible by any other means.

This jewelry does not have to be plastic, either. While the variety of plastics available to 3D print is very large, 3D printing is also done in metal and a variety of other materials as well. Don’t knock plastic, either; there are many different options available that may have the perfect properties for your 3D printed jewelry project.

3D printed jewelry can have amazing shapes, from futuristic to wildly organic. There is almost no limit to what you can create with a little CAD know-how and a 3D printer. At JawsTec, our team of experts are happy to help you craft eye-catching 3D printed jewelry designs. Whether bold or delicate, we are ready to help you move your project from concept to modeling to printing to post-processing. Contact us today for a 3D print quote for your next project.


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