Additive Manufacturing Services

Here at JawsTec, we have created a simple process where you can get production-ready parts for a fraction of the cost. Whether it is a prototype to test or a large quantity of commercial use parts, we offer the best 3D Printing Service and custom manufacturing for a variety of industries including Automotive and Design. We empower companies to bring their ideas to life through our Additive Manufacturing technologies.  JawsTec will continue to grow and offer the latest 3D printing and 3D technologies as they are developed. We are set on printing the best quality products for commercial and everyday use.

3D Printing Your Dimensions

3D printing is a new technology that is just now being used by the everyday person. Here at JawsTec, we are happy to make it even more accessible with our fast turnaround rate and low cost. Small or large businesses can get production-ready parts at the highest quality or a rapid prototype printed with the same material that will be used by the end product. This allows for incredible cost savings as creating product molds or CNC machining you CAD designs can bypass. 3D technology provides the ability to create parts with complex geometries that can’t be built with injection molding or machining. 3D metal printing will soon be how most parts are made for prototypes and production, and JawsTec plans on being an industry leader in this operation.


Check out our 3D Printing Materials page for design guidelines and informational datasheets.

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