Additive Manufacturing Services

Here at JawsTec, we wanted to create a simple process where you can get production ready parts for a fraction of the cost. If you want a prototype to test or many commercial use parts. We offer a unique depth of custom manufacturing and 3D printing services to a variety of industries including Automotive and Design. We empower companies to bring their ideas to life very easily with our Additive Manufacturing technologies.  JawsTec will continue to grow and offer the latest 3D printing and 3D technologies as they appear. We will be 3D printing the best quality products for everyday use.

3D Printing Your Dimensions

3D printing is a new technology that is just now being used by the everyday person. Here at JawsTec, we are happy to make it even more available. Small or large businesses can get production ready parts at high quality or a prototype of the exact material they will sell. No more need to spend thousands to get a mold of your product or CNC your CAD drawing. We will do that all for you with an incredible turn around rate at a lower cost. 3D technology creates parts that can’t be built with injection molding or machining. You could create cooling tunnels through your product where that would take millions to make any other way. 3D metal printing will soon be how most parts are made for prototypes and production. JawsTec plans on being one of the leaders in this operation. Welcome to a future billion-dollar industry.

JawsTec build dimensions

We quote your product immediately. We have spent a lot of time getting a quoting system to give you the quickest quote on the market. You can order your products with all the different materials we offer. We know that your product must be perfect so we will stay in contact with you after the order has been placed. The 3D metal prints can be hand polished for that jewelry look we are known for.

3D Printing Your Dimensions

JawsTec’s Process

Upload CAD

With our 3D printing services, you just submit your CAD drawing online and we give you an instant quote back on that drawing. You will select your material and the process. Add notes to the quote on what things you want to be done to the print. Submit your finish requests and the quantity that you want for this print.


We will then review that quote and the design and email or call you if we have questions on your 3D print. In order to 3D print a perfect print with our additive manufacturing service we may find errors that our quoting process didn’t see when we try to upload the project to the printer, if this happens we will get in touch with you and suggest some ideas on how to fix the problems. The thickness and unsupported corners could be some problems. If your project is too large we will let you know how to fix that and what can be done so we can still 3D print your project.

3D Print

We will then begin the print set-up and create your part the very day you place the order. We have technicians running our 3D printing machines and watching your 3D part or 3D parts as it is created.

Quality Control

Once the order is printed it will be treated and polished according to your finish requirements. Be aware that the finish on most printed material is rough on the outside. If we sand and sandblast the products done in visible areas you will have a part that looks like a CNC or Injection Molded product. We will then ship the product to you with a survey email sent to you a few days after to talk about how we did on your 3D Print.

Video of an EOS System Printing

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