Improve Your Hobby with CNC and 3D Printed RC Boats

Apr 6, 2021 | 3D printing, CNC Machining | 0 comments

RC boating is a fascinating hobby. Whether you’re driving powerful RC speed boats around a lake or just interested in driving a smaller one around your local pond, RC boats can be a fun hobby for the summer months.

Like human-sized boats, RC boats are subject to a lot of wear and tear on parts thanks to water. Machinery that is exposed to water often quickly corrodes and begins to develop problems. If you’re out for a day at the lake, this can stop your RC boating in its tracks if you don’t have replacement parts on hand.

Fortunately, CNC and 3D printing technology can provide you with ready-made RC boat parts for when you need them. You can even use these awesome manufacturing techniques to design and build your own custom RC boat.

CNC RC Boats

CNC, short for Computer Numerical Control, is a kind of manufacturing where a machining tool such as a lathe, mill, press, laser cutter, or any of many other tools moves according to a set of computerized directions. These directions usually take the form of a 3D model in a CAD file for most modern CNC machines.

What CNC means for CNC RC boat parts is that you will get the exact dimensions you need every time the machine is run with the instructions for it. There is little to no variability. CNC boat parts can also be made at odd and precise angles that are difficult for a human machinist to pull off. This makes CNC RC boat props or a CNC clutch bracket for a marine engine very possible to make, even in multiples and small sizes.

You can also custom design RC boat parts or even RC boat hulls. All you need to do is provide the machine with a viable CAD file. This is a great option if you want to custom design an RC boat, or if you are looking for hard-to-find or expensive parts. You can design CNC boat plans in a program and then have them made just to order.

3D Printed RC Boats

As customizable as CNC RC boats are, 3D printing opens up even more possibilities. 3D printing technology has been in the news often and the industry is using it to create all sorts of things, from aerospace parts to medical devices. This technology is not just useful for large and serious subjects though; it offers great and affordable options for RC boats.

A 3D printed RC boat is limited only by your own design skills and the size of the 3D printer.  Like with CNC, 3D printing is all based on a CAD model and it will follow your CAD model exactly.

There are a wide variety of materials available for use with 3D printing, including numerous kinds of plastics, metal, and rubber. Whether you want to create 3D printed RC boat parts or full 3D printed RC boat plans, there are good options to optimize your design and make sure it performs how you want.

3D printing is cost-friendly, especially if you are experimenting with new designs. Unlike many other manufacturing methods, 3D printing has a much lower set-up cost. There are no molds or large machinery to retool. This allows for rapid prototyping on a fairly small budget. It also means that anyone who wants to create a CAD model can likely afford to create their own custom 3D printed RC boat.

At Jawstec, we provide top-of-the-line CNC and 3D printing services. We can help you from the very first stages of design all the way through the finishing of your custom RC boat or RC boat parts. Our expert team is here to help you! Contact us today for a CNC quote or a 3D printing quote!


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