3D Color Printing Service

3D Color Printing

JawsTec online 3D color printing uses an industrial HP 3D printing machine allowing our customers get quality, full-color prints at competitive prices and quick lead times. The HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D printer produces full functional parts in full color. Whether it is rapid prototyping to small hobby production runs, we are here to help our customers with their custom 3D printing projects. Known for its quick turnaround, JawsTec aims to be the #1 3D Color Printing Service in the USA.

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Using JawsTec for your additive manufacturing  needs you get:

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Color 3D Printing Overview

You can obtain colored 3D prints two different ways: dyeing the part during post-processing or directly printing the part in color using a powder or filament in the desired color. Below we breakdown some of the advantages and capabilities of printing parts directly in color.

Full Spectrum Color Parts

  • Produce full-color functional parts without losing any optimal mechanical properties.
  • Future-ready technology at our fingertips.
  • Produce functional prototypes.

Accurate and Functional Parts

  • Produce engineering-grade thermoplastic parts.
  • Achieve fine details and high dimensional accuracy.
  • Accurate and repeatable results.

“Nothing but a great experience! I have been using their services for about a year now and the quality of the print is outstanding.”

B. Braun

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