Take Advantage of our 3D Design Service

JawsTec is now happy to offer a design service for its customers. We have in-house designers that will create a 3D CAD drawing for you for a designing fee and when you sign up for our JawsTec Design Service Agreement, we will offer a voucher to go towards the purchase of your products so the designing fee has a better return on the investment than anywhere in the industry.

3D Design Process

We want to bring your product to life. You send us your ideas sketched on a piece of paper, a rough CAD drawing, or just detailed instructions for the part and we will create the drawing and ship a prototype of the part to you in a matter of days. We are the best in the business when it comes to getting our products to our partners quickly.

We design, create and produce. JawsTec knows that your products have to be perfect and we are committed to that service. When the designed part is sent to your facility we have a survey you have to complete to let us know how we did and maybe changes that need to be made for the next version. Designing parts has a lot to do with trial and error. What better company to help you get off the ground than a company that can offer you as many trial and errors you need. With our quick turnaround, you can have parts to your door within the week of being designed and printed.

Here at JawsTec, we will keep a detailed layout of every change made to the part as it goes from a rough prototype to a production worthy part. When people design their part through us, we offer the design side less expensive when you continue to buy our production parts. 3D printing has come a long way since hitting the scene. We are offering production quality parts as prototypes. We can create your dream before your ideas. Printing your dimensions.


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