3D Printing and Prosthetics

Jun 15, 2020 | 3D printing, News | 0 comments

The customizability of 3D printing has more to offer than creating a very fancy phone case. We can use- and do use!- 3D printing to create medical devices tailored to the needs of patients to an unprecedented degree. This is especially true for 3D printed prosthetics.

3D printing is all based on computer models, not molds or machining. This means that a general design can be tailored at crucial places that offer a much greater degree of comfort and functionality. 

3D printed prosthetics can also be designed from a wide variety of materials thanks to the process’ ability to work with a wide variety of them. There’s no need to work with existing material that can be worked with tools. Rather, advanced and highly durable materials can be used to produce prosthetics that can last years and years of everyday use.

This also allows for a lot of fun customizability as well. While some who need prosthetics might want an unobtrusive device, others might want to have more fun, turning their challenge into a reflection of their personal victory. A 3D printed prosthetic can include a superhero symbol or colors or be skin toned, whatever the user prefers, all with a switch of materials and programming. 

Today, 3D printing is used to produce several different kinds of prosthetics. These range from low-cost options to state-of-the-art displays of technology. The size can range from fingers to legs to hands to teeth to and feet and more. We can even use 3D printing to produce prosthetics for animals!

The relatively low-cost, speed, and customizability of 3D printed prosthetics promises to help many, many people. Research into this area has grown by leaps and bounds. At Jawstec, we are delighted to be able to help design and print unique prosthetics. Our team is deeply committed to the development of 3D printing and what it can do to help us build a better world. Please contact us to see how we can help you develop your project with 3D printing!


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