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Engine Covers and Shrouds

Do you need an engine cover or shroud for your next automotive project or to repair some damage? Here at JawsTec, we’ve got you covered. With our professional-grade machines, we can print just about any design you send us.  Upload your CAD files to our instant quote page to take the first step toward success for your project.

Our instant quote page provides you with a 100% accurate, locked-in price, ensuring that you will never encounter surprise fees or charges. Each order we ship is backed by our Quality Guarantee and the JawsTec Standard. If you are not completely satisfied with your product, please contact us and we will work to make things right.

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  • What are some 3D printed engine cover designs?

    You can design your 3D printed engine cover to fit whatever type of engine your car has. We would suggest making a 3D scan of your engine and then uploading it so you can create a CAD file based off the scan. This will help to ensure the correct fit of your engine shroud or cover. Additionally, you can try to find a pre-designed CAD file online for your type of engine.

  • What are some benefits of 3D printed engine shrouds?

    Some benefits of 3d printed engine shrouds or covers are customizability in size, shape, and color, a lightweight part for increased performance, and a clean manufacturing method. Additionally, 3d printing can minimize the actual number of parts needed in the system by consolidating multiple parts into one.

  • How do I 3D print an engine cover?

    The process of creating a 3D printed engine cover or shroud is simple. First, you need to design or find a CAD file that will fit your engine model. Next, upload the file to our quote page and place your order. After receiving your part, you can finally install it yourself and enjoy your new modification.