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Jan 7, 2021 | CNC Machining | 2 comments

Anyone who’s been in airsoft as a hobby for a long time knows one thing for sure: you will go through a lot of parts. A lot of airsoft parts are made from a cheap material that just isn’t up to wear and tear. Off-the-shelf parts are also limited in customization, meaning that it’s unlikely you’ll get the airsoft parts you truly want.

CNC solves a lot of these problems with airsoft parts. CNC airsoft parts can be designed just for you, according to your specs.

What Does CNC Mean for Airsoft Parts?

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, is a method of machining that has machines process material according to a computer model. The result is a near-perfect match for every detail of the original computer model, only limited by the number of axes the machine can work on.

For CNC airsoft parts, this means custom CNC airsoft parts are as simple as uploading a properly made CAD file to the correct machine working with the correct material. High detailed parts then become much easier to design and turn into reality. A CNC receiver or CNC gearbox can be created digitally first and then the CNC machine will do the rest.

Even something as simple as a CNC trigger is doable and the end result will be exactly as you designed. This opens up many possibilities for designs and accessories. If you want to get a specific sight or scope more secure, you can custom design a CNC rail.

You may also find it easier to replace broken parts for an old favorite when the replacement parts have long since vanished from the market. With the right CAD design, you can actually bulk produce these CNC airsoft parts so that they’ll always be on hand should you run out. If you are in the business of doing custom airsoft part design, this might also be a good option for making products to sell.

There are also many cosmetic options now available, as well, including color and even material. CNC is all about the CAD design and the machine; if a material can be machined accurately by the tool being used, it means it’s a viable option for a part.

At Jawstec, we have helped with the CNC design and production of many products, both large and small. Whether you are looking for a CNC airsoft trigger, CNC airsoft gears, a CNC receiver, or any other CNC airsoft parts, our CNC design service can help you move an idea into reality. Contact us today to see how we can help you open up a new world of CNC airsoft part design!


  1. Tim Babson

    Is there any legalities in producing a CNC Part for an ARES Airsoft Product if only for an individual and not bulk retail ?

  2. yoo dong hee

    Hello, I’d like to make a cnc body for airsoft. Is it possible to make a small amount based on 6061/7075-t6?


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