Upgrade Your RC Plane with CNC RC plane parts

Mar 22, 2021 | CNC Machining | 1 comment

RC planes are a delight to fly. The thrill of learning to fly a miniature plane and pulling off incredible stunts is something that appeals to all ages.

While there are many RC plane kits out there, there is even more thrill to be found by designing and creating your own custom CNC plane. Whether you are looking to create a fully CNC-built RC plane, or just create CNC RC plane parts, this amazing technology opens up many opportunities.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC, the abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control, works by feeding a set of instructions into a computer that directs a manufacturing machine. CNC machines can be mills, laser cutters, presses, and more. The machining tools move along a series of axes and follow the instructions from the computer precisely. These days, CNC instructions usually take the form of a 3D model, often a CAD file.

CNC technology means that your custom RC plane will follow your instructions perfectly every time they are uploaded to a CNC machine. CNC RC plane plans can be tweaked to your heart’s desire, giving you room to experiment with new design ideas or perfectly model a historical or fictional aircraft.

How CNC RC Plane Parts Elevates Your Craft to New Heights

You can also use CNC machines to create replacement parts. Flying is a skill and with RC planes it is a skill that, unfortunately (and expensively) can involve a lot of crashing to learn. CNC RC plane parts are a great way to make sure you have a steady supply of custom RC plane replacement parts. Whether you want a CNC RC tailwheel or CNC RC plane landing gear, you can make it exactly the way it needs. This is also a great option if RC plane parts you need come from a manufacturer that is out of business or hard to find. With CNC machining, you can recreate the parts you need without searching every corner of the internet.

For those looking to experiment with the commercial or learning aspect of RC planes, CNC RC plane kits are relatively easy to design and make. You can easily create a design in a CAD program, break it into individual pieces, they have a CNC RC plane kit built to rapidly prototype ideas you have.

At Jawstec, we would be happy to help you with your CNC RC plane or CNC RC plane parts. Our team offers expertise at every stage, from design to building to finishing, that can help you turn your custom RC plane into a reality. Contact us today to see how our CNC design service can help you build an incredible RC design.

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    Does your company CNC metal landing gear for RC planes?


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