Customize Your Craft CNC and 3D-Printed RC Helicopter Parts

Apr 27, 2021 | 3D printing, CNC Machining | 0 comments

Flying an RC helicopter is a learning experience. It takes numerous parts to make an RC helicopter work and hand-eye coordination that can only come from sometimes painful experiences. Weather, the ground, trees, and just plain bad luck can make RC helicopter part replacements eat up quite a chunk of your budget. Having a backup or several on hand can ask a lot of your wallet, too, so after an accident, your RC helicopter is likely grounded until you get the part you need.

Fortunately, you don’t have to search local hobby stores or internet websites to get the perfect RC helicopter parts when you need them. Thanks to CNC and our 3D printing Service, you can have an economical set of parts when you need them- or even try your hand at designing your own custom RC helicopter parts.

CNC RC Helicopter Parts

CNC, or computer numerical control, is a term used to describe manufacturing machines guided by a computer. These machines include mills, lathes, presses, and much more. A set of instructions, usually in the form of a 3D CAD file, is fed into the computer. The machine then follows those instructions to the letter, manipulating the material or the device to get the correct angle to create the product as directed.

CNC is great for creating RC helicopter blades and other crucial parts. With a suitable model, you can create a set of CNC RC helicopter parts to be ready when you need them. No need to buy expensive kits or jury-rig a solution. You can have what you need when you need it.

3D Printed RC Helicopter Parts

3D printing technology is also an excellent choice for a variety of RC helicopter parts. 3D printers work by either building material up layer by layer or fusing it layer by layer, depending on the type of 3D printer and material it is working with. Like with CNC, 3D printing follows instructions from a 3D computer model uploaded into the printer’s computer.

3D printers can print various plastics useful for everything from seals to skids to canopies and more. You can also 3D print metals, and more and more materials are 3D printed every year. 

3D printing is based on the cost of operating the printer and the material used to produce the product. There is no minimum amount you need to create, unlike with more traditional manufacturing. 3D printing can also make angles and curves that are difficult or even impossible for other production methods. 

At Jawstec, we understand how to get the most out of CNC and 3D printing. We can help you take an idea or even an existing RC helicopter part and turn it into something you can use every time you go out to fly. Contact us today for a CNC or 3D print quote!


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