Improve Your Paintball Gun with Custom CNC Paintball Gun Parts

Jan 21, 2021 | CNC Machining | 1 comment

Paintball gun parts break often. As much as you might want custom parts, their limited shelf-life means that it’s not a very good investment. You need something that not only can take the wear and tear, but also makes sense money-wise.

Fortunately, CNC paintball gun parts provide an answer that allows you to create a custom paintball gun that won’t break the bank.

About CNC Paintball Gun Parts

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, is an incredible technology that has revolutionized manufacturing. Various manufacturing machines, from mills to brake presses to lathes and many more, can be turned into CNC machines by being rigged to take directions from a CNC computer. CNC machines follow a set of directions to create a product. They follow it exactly and they do it every time.

These days, those directions take the form of 3D models, usually CAD models. For a CNC paintball gun, this means that there are very few limits to how you can customize a design. If it can be modeled and then worked in the materials with a machine, it can be made.

CNC works in many materials, including metal. A metal CNC paintball gun is a matter of creating the correct CAD models for its various parts and putting them together. Plastic pieces can also be created using CNC machines (including, for the innovative, 3D printing).

Getting Your CNC Paintball Gun Parts Created

For those who want to try a new paintball marker part design, this offers a great opportunity to design and build a part that might solve a chronic problem. CNC paintball gun parts can be fairly rapidly prototyped. This is a great solution to creating replacement parts, as well, especially if it’s become difficult to find older parts that have been discontinued.

Whether you are looking to create your own CNC paintball gun or you are looking to manufacture CNC paintball gun parts for your business, Jawstec is here to help. Our expertise extends not only to our CNC machines but also our materials and the key principles of CNC design. Contact us today for a CNC design quote!

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  1. Annabelle

    Van you modify a firearm slide into a paintball gun slide? I have a 3d file of what I’m looking for


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