How 3D Printing Can Help the Economy

May 26, 2020 | 3D printing, News | 0 comments

The recent pandemic has highlighted many issues with the current structure of many local and even the global economy. 3D printing provides many solutions to these problems. It can not only help the economy but can also boost local quality of life.

3D printing’s versatility means that parts can be made on demand and exactly to spec when they are needed. All that is required is the right kind of printer, the required materials, and the right design. This shortens supply lines for finished goods, helping to prevent issues like those we are seeing right now, where medical PPE is unavailable in areas where it is needed due to traditional manufacturing requirements.

For developing economies and incoming entrepreneurs, those traditional methods come with prohibitive setup costs. Machining, casting, and other typical manufacturing methods are highly specialized and making a profit often requires a high number of products to be produced and sold. These products all need to be the same, as modifications require a whole new setup to the existing production line. With 3D printing, profitable manufacturing usually requires less production and offers far greater flexibility.

It also means that weaker infrastructure poses less of an issue. With a stockpile of materials, many different kinds of goods can be produced on the spot. In places that are isolated due to terrain, insufficient roads, and other factors, this means that 3D printers can stock a wider variety of goods in greater quantities than they would otherwise see.

All of these factors mean that an economy with local 3D printers is also more shielded from the occasionally painful shifts of the global economy. Production is refocused on the local market, ensuring that goods are specifically designed for local consumers and their needs. 

At JawsTec, we have been on the cutting edge of the growing 3D printing industry for years. Our team is passionate about the beneficial change that 3D printing can bring to any industry, large or small. We recognize that there are many challenges ahead for all of us, but we also think there will be great opportunities that will open new horizons to a better world. If you’re looking for help on using 3D printing to help you with your next project, contact us today. 


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