How Does CNC Machining Work

Sep 18, 2020 | CNC Machining | 0 comments

The CNC machining process allows for an incredible amount of precision when machining. Using computers, CNC machining manipulates material and tools along several axes to very finely produce the desired result. 

There are numerous advantages to CNC machining. It is faster, more precise (to thousandths of an inch), and can repeat a design nearly perfectly over and over again. Most modern manufacturing uses CNC machining during at least part of its process.

The first CNC machines were programmed with punch cards, which was a very rudimentary system. However, it worked so much better than manual machining that the CNC machining process was developed and engineers began to write G Code for more complex and precise movements. Today, G Code is usually produced by creating a 3D model of the end result is one of many specialized programs now available.

All CNC machines move along the X and Y axis and many also move along the Z-axis. Some five-axis movement machines also exist and a robot arm can have even more movement options than that. 

Many different types of CNC machines are out there being used in many industries. As a general rule, any type of machining done by hand can be done with a CNC machine. Some kinds, especially those that use newer, more dangerous methods such as lasers, only exist as CNC machines.

The key to using the CNC machining process is getting the model used to produce the G code correctly. Fortunately, with modern tools, this is much easier for people to learn than it used to be.  If you’d like to learn how to do CNC modeling, our guide not only covers some of the core basic concepts but also links to some of the best free software out there that can help you learn.

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