MJF 3D Printing Service

Multi Jet Fusion is a very common branch of 3D printing. It is useful in a wide variety of applications and projects, from ATV modification parts to office storage accessories. Read more about this service below. 

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JawsTec Offers a Multi Jet Fusion Printing Service 


Using HP MJF 3D printing machines, we are able to manufacture premium products with a much higher degree of precision, accuracy, and consistency. Redesign parts quickly and accelerate product improvement with our quick-turn around times. Our instant quote page is designed to help you order your parts as seamlessly and simply as possible. Eliminate waiting for parts to be manually quoted when you upload your 3D CAD file to our page. We’ll analyze your part and quote you a locked in price in seconds. Once you place your order, we will process your files, print your parts, and process them as quickly as possible.

MJF is a process that utilizes a binding agent which solidifies a powdered material layer by layer. It produces strong parts in a cost-effective and modern manufacturing method.

MJF Process FAQ

  • What printers do you print with?

    We use the MJF 4200/5210 machines from HP, along with the EOS P396/P770 and XYZ 230 machines.

  • What is the resolution of your parts?

    Our layer thickness is 80 microns for MJF, but we offer 120 microns in SLS.

  • What wall thickness should my parts have?

    Your parts should have a minimal wall thickness of 1mm.

  • What is the difference in MJF and SLS printing?

    MJF processes use a binding agent to solidify layers of powder according to a computer reading a CAD file. SLS printing works by solidifying the powder layers with a laser according to a computer reading a CAD file.

Advantages of Using Jawstec for your MJF Printing Projects:

High Precision Printers and Parts

Realtime Online Quotes

Quick & Reliable Delivery

Variety of Materials Options

Variety of Finishing Options

Realtime Online Quoting
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Our 3D printing instant quote page is an accurate and locked-in price that we guarantee. No hidden costs. Our instant quotes are not just suggestions, but the real price with real analysis of the parts being quoted.

MJF Materials

Selecting the correct material is a vital step in every project process. The ideal material option is highly dependent on your particular use case and needs. Because almost every material has particular strengths and weaknesses, you want to be sure to choose the one that will best meet your requirements. 


Full Color
Nylon PA 11
Nylon PA 12

Finishing Options


Is the default surface finish right out of the printer after all the excess power has been removed by our PowerShot


Is the part being tumbled in our PowerShot S and then manually shot-peened, this provides a smooth finish to your part.

Vapor Polished

Is the process of smoothing the surface of 3D Printed parts using our PostPro3D machine. The results give your parts the look of professionally made injection molded parts.

Choose the right finish for your project when you upload to our instant 3D quote page.