Improve Your Remote Control Car with 3D Printed RC Car Parts

Jan 28, 2021 | 3D printing | 0 comments

RC cars are a lot of fun. Replacing RC car parts, not so much. They break often, especially if the car sees a lot of use for fun or competition, and the cost of replacements adds up quickly. If you have older or custom parts, it adds up even faster.

With 3D printing, you can help mitigate some of those costs. 3D printing is an incredible technology that can help you create new, interesting designs or recreate older ones in an economical way

3D Printed RC Car Parts

3D printing is all based on a CAD design. If the printer can print the material and has a properly made design uploaded, it can create an object. This means that the sky’s the limit for creativity and innovation. 3D printers print a variety of materials, ranging from plastic to metal to much more, all with various properties.

It’s also very economical compared to more traditional manufacturing methods. 3D printed RC car parts can be made to order in as many or as few iterations as you want. There is no minimum limit for it to be worthwhile to the manufacturer, as there is no need to create specialized casts or other manufacturing tools. You can get a stash of replacement parts that you actually need, instead of buying extra parts that come in a kit with them. You can also recreate parts that are difficult to find due to age or their manufacturer. 

3D Printed Mini RC Car

An incredibly fun project for an RC car enthusiast is designing and creating a 3D printed mini RC car. This project allows you to experiment and design something totally original, as well as learn a new skill. This engineering challenge is a fun one to do with your kids or on your own as an adult. 

Besides properly fitting a 3D printed RC car chassis with an engine, antenna, and wheels, you can experiment with weight and shape to make the fastest, most agile RC car you can. Depending on the design, you can make it modular so you can try out new designs and iterations as you grow to understand CAD design and 3D printing better.

At Jawstec, our expert team can help you 3D print RC car parts or create a whole new RC car. We love leveraging this amazing technology to bring joy into people’s lives. Contact us today for a 3D print quote or see how we can help bring your ideas to reality with our 3D design service.


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