A Guide to 3D Printing Personal Projects

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3D printing involves solidifying layers of synthetic materials together with a laser into a cohesive shape. The movements of the laser are directed by a computer as it reads a CAD file of the desired part. Because of the nature of 3D printing technology, individuals are able to create parts with complex designs, various materials, and a wide selection of colors and surface finishes. The customization possibilities are endless!

3D printing is essential to many industries because it provides parts quickly, efficiently, and with quality. The technology continues to improve each year as more users become interested and begin projects which further 3D printing capabilities.

Some benefits of 3D printed projects are design flexibility, rapid results, vast applications, and a streamlined design process. Each project involves different requirements and specifications, and some projects are better suited to a particular type of technology rather than another. Read this blog post for more details about the benefits of 3D printing.


1. Customized Phone Cases: One relatively simple 3D printing project you can start with is designing and printing a custom phone case. This is a great place to start because it requires a few measurements, a simple file design, and creativity.

It is usually easiest to start by finding and editing a pre-designed CAD file of a phone case. You can find these files for free on websites like Thingiverse and then customize them with the specific measurements of your phone. After finding a file similar to what you are looking for, you can find tutorials online similar to this one to help you with the customization aspect. The final step is downloading your personalized file and ordering it through a 3D printing company like JawsTec. Customized phone cases are a fun project and can lead to more ideas for personal phone accessories.

2. Miniature Figurines: Brief explanation of the process: 3D printed figurines are another simple project that is great for beginning with and practicing your design techniques. Depending on the material you choose, you can have the option to paint over the surface and customize the project even more. Some ideas for figurines are chess pieces, models, or similar collectibles.

The process of creating 3D-printed miniatures is similar to the process of creating a phone case. If you are a beginner to 3D printing, you can find an online file and customize it to fit your standards. You can also start from scratch and build your model from the ground up with advanced 3D design software like Blender or a beginner-oriented page like TinkerCAD. Model making can be as simple or complex a project as you like!

3. Jewelry Making: A third project that many individuals enjoy is 3D jewelry design and printing. Depending on your intent, this process can also be more straightforward or more complicated. There are two basic methods for 3D printing jewelry. First, you can design a mold for casting jewelry pieces, and second, you can print the entire piece in 3D material.

To begin your jewelry project, you can find a free model to customize with Thingiverse or design your own with another software from this comprehensive list. Once you are happy with the design of either your mold or your finalized piece, you can order the print and enjoy your accessories. If you want even more 3D-printed jewelry, design another piece of 3D-printed fashion!

4. Replacement Parts: The fourth typical project for 3D printing designers is a replacement part for any device, from a dishwasher to a vehicle. All it requires is a little research and an order from a 3D printing company like JawsTec, and you will be on your way to completing your home repairs.

Depending on the needs of the project, you may be able to find a file online of the repair part you are looking for, which may be on a free 3D file website or the website of the manufacturer. However, if you cannot find the part that way, you will need to design the file yourself or pay a CAD file designer to do it. After acquiring the file, you will need to research the best material and finishes that will hold up to the environment of your repairs. For example, if you were repairing a dishwasher, you would want a solid material that could withstand heat with a waterproof finish. Once you have determined the specific requirements, you can order the print or even print it yourself and complete your DIY repairs.

5. Home Décor: The final most popular beginner project or design for individuals is home décor and utensils. By creating or customizing a 3D design, you can create a custom cereal bowl, picture frame, or accent piece.

The steps for making home decorations are precisely like the steps for any other project. First, you will need to find a file. Secondly, you must determine the project’s requirements, including if you want the object to be food-safe, and finally, you can order your pieces or print them yourself. Making DIY 3D printed home décor projects is sure to become a fun pastime and can even be used to create gifts for family and friends.



The advantages of creating your projects with 3D printing technology are numerous. First, 3D printing is highly customizable and perfect for DIY projects. Secondly, the process is usually quick and cost-effective, especially for small projects like figurines and home décor. 3D printing also allows for complex designs, if necessary, which are generally impossible with traditional manufacturing methods. Finally, 3D printing processes are eco-friendly and considered a sustainable industry source.


In summary, 3D printing your projects, designs, and unique ideas are a great way to get creative, give special gifts, and even make some money if you get into selling your works. You can also complete DIY home repairs and improvement projects with the same skills, saving you money and trouble. The applications of 3D printing technologies are endless and just waiting to be discovered.

Even if you aren’t advanced or experienced in 3D printing, you can still begin with a simple design and work up to more complex projects. All it takes is some creativity! Once you have completed some tasks, you can share them on social media and look around for more inspiration from other enthusiasts. Start your projects today by visiting www.jawstec.com!


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