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Air Ducts and Hose Connectors


Do you need a custom hose attachment or air duct for your next automotive project or to repair some damage? Here at JawsTec, we’ve got you covered. With our professional-grade machines, we can print just about any design you send us.  Upload your CAD files to our instant quote page to take the first step toward success for your project.

Our instant quote page provides you with a 100% accurate, locked-in price, ensuring that you will never encounter surprise fees or charges. Each order we ship is backed by our Quality Guarantee and the JawsTec Standard. If you are not completely satisfied with your product, please contact us and we will work to make things right.

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  • What are some challenges of using 3D printing technology for automotive air ducting and hose connectors?

    Some challenges of using 3d printing for your air ducts or hose connector projects are inexperience in CAD file designs, deciding which 3d material is best for your needs, and difficulty in installing the final products. However, these difficulties can be overcome by creating more CAD files, extensively researching 3d materials, and finding tutorials or other resources on installing new ducts or connectors.

  • Which 3D printing materials are most suitable for automotive air ducting and hose connectors, and how do their properties impact performance and longevity?

    We suggest using a material that has a high heat tolerance, is sturdy and long-lasting, and can be vapor polished for further strengthening. One of the best options we offer for this type of project is MJF polypropylene. Learn more about it here.

  • What design considerations and testing procedures should be followed when developing 3D printed air ducting and hose connectors to ensure they meet safety and performance standards for automobiles?

    If you are designing your own air hose ducts or attachments, please review regulations and requirements for designs before exchanging original parts for customized ones.