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3D printing with MJF Polypropylene

3D printing with MJF Polypropylene is becoming a popular replacement to injection molding technology. Read more about it below.

MJF Polypropylene

You can order your 3D printed parts in polypropylene, a common material for producing automotive projects, aerospace parts, and products with similar applications. It is great for manufacturing tubes and other parts for under-the-hood applications. 


General Information PP is an excellent material for projects that require high chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and long term durability. Items like fluid tubes, chemical containers, and other parts of engines and exteriors or interiors of vehicles.
  • Lower heat conductivity
  • High chemical resistance
  • Great surface finish
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Eco-friendly
  • Consistent performance
  • Higher cost than regular 3D printed parts
  • Susceptible to dimension variations
  • Susceptible to oxidized degradation



Price $ $ $ $ $
Lead Time  +/- 6 business days
Wall Thickness 1 mm

(X,Y): +/- 0.500 MM OR > 100MM +/- 0.7%

(Z): +/- 0.800 MM OR > 100 MM +/- 1.1%

Max part size

(HP MJF 4210 and 5210): 380mm x 280mm x 380mm

Layer height 80 μm


Available materials

MJF Nylon Glass filled PA 12

We offer glass-filled printing with our PA 12 material. You can select the glass-filled material when uploading your files in our instant quote page. With essentially the same properties as the regular PA 12 material, glass-filled parts are more durable and sturdy. They are also more thermal resistant. We suggest choosing glass-filled nylon if your parts require increased strength properties.


  • FAQ 1: What type of printers do you use?

    We print using the MJF 4200/5210 machines from HP, along with the EOS P396/P770 and XYZ 230 machines.

  • FAQ 2: What types of printers do you use?

    We print with HP MJF 4200 and 5210 machines, as well as EOS P396, P770, and XYZ 230 machines.

  • FAQ 3: What types of finishes do you offer?

    We offer raw, tumbled, polished, and vapor polished finishes on our parts.

  • FAQ 4: Does tumbling, polishing, or vapor polishing affect the dimensions of my parts?

    Tumbling, polishing, or vapor polishing finishes may affect the final dimensions of your parts by 0.05mm.

  • FAQ 5: Do you offer 3D printing off an exsisting model?

    No, we do not offer this service.

  • FAQ 6: How do I request specific orientation on my parts?

    We now offer a section on our quote page. After uploading your CAD file, select the box for a specific orientation and upload your PDF or image showing your exact orientation.

  • FAQ 7: What type of files can you print off of?

    We can print off almost any CAD file type. We prefer .STL files.

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