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Air Intake Manifold

Do you need a custom air intake manifold for your next automotive project? Here at JawsTec, we’ve got you covered. With our professional-grade machines, we can print just about any design you send us.  Upload your CAD files to our instant quote page to take the first step toward success for your project.

Our instant quote page provides you with a 100% accurate, locked-in price, ensuring that you will never encounter surprise fees or charges. Each order we ship is backed by our Quality Guarantee and the JawsTec Standard. If you are not completely satisfied with your product, please contact us and we will work to make things right.

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  • What does 3d printed air intake manifold performance look like?

    When using a 3D printed intake manifold, multiple designers and engineers who tested the parts saw a increase in overall engine performance and efficiency. The 3D printed part also contributed less weight to the engine assembly, thereby maximizing the power and speed of the vehicle and minimizing the engergy required for movement.

  • What are some benefits of 3d printing intake manifolds?

    In addition to improved engine performance and overall effeciency, designers and teams who use 3D printed custom manifold units are able to acquire them much easier than would otherwise be possible. Without 3D technology, mechanics and engine production teams would have to weld and assemble each intake manifold by hand, using up valuable time and money. Also, 3D printed manifolds are much faster and generally cheaper than a traditionally-produced alternative.

  • What are some 3d printed intake manifold materials and designs?

    3D printed manifolds are generally designed similar to traditional manifolds. However, when 3D printing a manifold it is important to select the right material. Otherwise, the manifold could melt or otherwise malfunction, causing damage to the entire project. Some of the reccomended materials and processes for 3D printed manifolds are Vapor Polished nylon PA12, nylon PA2200, and glass-filled nylon. To read more about the specifications of our different materials, visit this page.