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Car Vent and Speaker Grilles

Do you need a custom car vent or speaker grille for your next automotive project or to repair some damage? Here at JawsTec, we’ve got you covered. With our professional-grade machines, we can print just about any design you send us.  Upload your CAD files to our instant quote page to take the first step toward success for your project.

Our instant quote page provides you with a 100% accurate, locked-in price, ensuring that you will never encounter surprise fees or charges. Each order we ship is backed by our Quality Guarantee and the JawsTec Standard. If you are not completely satisfied with your product, please contact us and we will work to make things right.

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  • What materials are commonly used for 3D printed custom car speaker grilles and air vents?

    We suggest using a material that is highly resistant to heat and UV lighting, since you car is often in hot, sunny areas. Additionally, you may want to experiment with different materials to find which one causes the least effect on sound quality. Thermoplastic Polyurethane can be a good choice for a material that is resistant to heat. Read more about each material we offer here.

  • Can 3D printed speaker grilles affect sound quality or performance?

    Certain materials may cause sound issues for speakers or in particular cars. We suggest experimenting with different structures and materials to find the right combination that will fit your preferences.

  • How do I ensure a proper fit when 3D printing car speaker grilles for my specific vehicle model?

    One great thing about 3D printing is the amount of customizability! You can ensure the fit of your speakers in any car by designing your files correctly and with exact dimensions. To help the accuracy of your dimensions, you can 3D scan the area your speaker will be in and upload it to your CAD file designer before creating your actual speaker file. Read this article for help in this step: https://www.bestcaraudio.com/3d-printed-car-audio-upgrade-solutions-with-brian-schurg/