Bringing 3D Scanning to Your Shop

Mar 14, 2022 | 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing, News | 0 comments

If you’ve ever wanted to recreate a complex part for restoration or aftermarket mods, you know how time-consuming it can be — especially for one-off parts. Whether you’re a DIY builder, a race engineer on a team or just interested in having your idea turned into reality, the time and tools required often put your goals out of reach.

Reversion Development aims to change this by making 3D scanning, CAD (computer-aided design), and reverse engineering services affordable to you. Years of expertise coupled with industry-leading equipment guarantee satisfaction from single parts to volume manufacture.

For 3D scanning services, we currently offer two levels:

  1. Standard Grade Scanning
    1. Perfect for the majority of projects, our most affordable option and able to handle most detailed parts
    2. High dimensional accuracy, capturing detail as small as 0.004″
    3. Rapid turnaround times, usually just a few days to deliver your models
    4. Able to scan anything from roughly 2 to 20 inches in any dimension
  2. Metrology Grade Scanning
    1. Optimized for projects that require extreme precision and much tighter tolerances
    2. Accuracy of dimensions down to 0.0008″, ideal for inspection and where absolute precision is required
    3. Virtually unlimited part size

Additionally, we offer CAD services to design and engineer your components before production. This service is perfect for automotive, industrial, heavy equipment, or medical devices. Our solutions are designed with your goal in mind and can be ready for manufacture. File outputs are available in the common .STEP/IGES, .STL/.3MF, native Solidworks formats, and many more.

Do you have a part that needs to be recreated or upgraded? Our reverse engineering services work with you to combine scans and CAD to manufacture models to your exact specifications. We’ve taken broken or no longer available parts and redesigned them to be virtually identical to the original. We can also add or remove features to existing designs to cater to your exact needs.

Have a project in mind you think we can help with? Head over to Reversion Development to get started!


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