CNC Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry

Dec 16, 2021 | 3D printing, CNC Machining | 0 comments

Auto manufacturing has long been the home of innovative manufacturing methods. The large-scale use of assembly lines got its start in the huge global industry as has the use of robotics. CNC manufacturing plays a key role in the automotive industry, as well.


Strength of CNC Manufacturing in the Auto Industry

The strengths of CNC manufacturing lend themselves well to the auto industry. CNC means Computer Numerical Control. How it works in manufacturing is that a machining tool- a cutter, lathe, or almost any other kind of tool- is directed by a computer to create a part in a certain pattern as directed by a 3D model. Every part made with CNC manufacturing using the same model is exactly the same, regardless of how long it has been working. CNC machinery does not get tired or switch shifts like a human machinist. It can also create parts with angles and entails that are difficult or impossible for a human machinist to get precisely right.


These features have enabled CNC manufacturing to become one of the top three game-changers in the auto industry. It is used on a huge scale to produce auto parts. Automotive manufacturing is a process that consists of multiple steps that need to be followed exactly in order to get a functioning quality automobile and CNC’s precision fits in perfectly.


If you have ever helped build or refurbish a car (or heard Johnny’s Cash’s “One Piece at a Time”), you know that cars are in essence giant puzzles that need to be fit together just so. CNC manufacturing produces parts exactly to order every time. This means not only is there little to no impromptu work needed to make sure parts fit when the time comes to install them, but also that there are almost no parts that simply do not work due to flawed manufacture. This reduces waste and ensures the best use of inventory, as well as increases sustainability. 


Some key auto components made using CNC manufacturing include parts of engines, interiors, lighting, and gearboxes. As time goes on, CNC is being used to work with more advanced materials like carbon-nanocomposite to create more fuel-efficient vehicles. It is also becoming more common to use AI in conjunction with CNC machines, allowing them to self diagnose and potentially repair faults to reduce downtime. The automotive industry’s frequent and vital use of CNC manufacturing means it promises to be a hotbed of CNC innovation in the future.


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