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Mar 6, 2020 | 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing | 0 comments

In the Star Trek television show, a molecular synthesizer—resembling modern-day 3D printers—was showcased, re-imagining the ever promising additive manufacturing techniques conceptualized by humans at that period. Modern 3D printers offer similar avenues of manufacturing with indefinite variations in dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and sophisticated machining capabilities. Moreover, a majority of 3D printing service providers are obsessed with the turnaround time, which might interfere with the overall quality of the finished product. Resolving such nuances, JawsTec’s 3D printing services ensure that every designed part is impeccably aligned with the customer needs and the industry standards, transforming a concept from ideation to manifestation. JawsTec offers a tightly focused professional service, specializing in 3D printing of nylon and CNC-machining of metal-alloys. “One of our biggest selling points is that we offer a quote based on the customer’s CAD design,” says Oscar Klassen, the CEO of JawsTec. As soon as customers decide the CAD design,  the blueprint model is printed using a network of 3D printers at the company’s in-house machine shop. JawsTec utilizes industrial……

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