Maximizing Efficiency: The Importance of Production Tooling

Jan 30, 2023 | Additive Manufacturing, CNC Machining | 0 comments


Production tooling is the creation of parts for machinery by using additive manufacturing. It is becoming increasingly important in today’s industry circles because it is efficient, cost-effective, and provides quick results. These attributes of production tooling are causing more businesses around the world to implement production tooling in their processes. Properly implemented production tooling can greatly increase manufacturing efficiency in companies. Production tooling is also cost-effective, due to its nature of being a streamlined process which leads to increased productivity and faster output times. Finally, production tooling is a fast way for companies to get the parts they need without waiting for slower production methods.


Using 3D printing technology to create parts for other machines ultimately makes the end product be produced faster because it eliminates the long wait times for replacement parts. When a company can design and order the exact parts they need to get a machine up and running, it is more time efficient for them than waiting on a more traditional production method, which often takes weeks or months to be delivered. Additionally, producing tools like gears, jigs, gauges, or other parts with 3D printers is often more precise than other tooling methods because the printers can achieve a higher resolution than many other machines are capable of. Items like gears, screwdrivers, or gauges must be built precisely and carefully or they will not be useful for their intended purpose. With the precision of 3D printing technology, parts like these can be created exactly as they are needed. The main way production tooling can be useful in efficiency is by reducing labor and overhead costs and ultimately increasing output and profit. Because production tooling is done by 3D printing machines, it requires less individual management and personal operation. Businesses can acquire the parts they need at cheaper rates through 3D printing, which is one way they can lower their overhead costs. Additionally, faster and more precise production of machine parts creates improved end results for the companies that utilize them. This will increase the company’s output of its products and raise its profits.


Regular maintenance of a business’s machines with parts produced by 3D printing can extend the lifespan of the machines and improve their performance. Upkeep of machines will extend their lifespan and usefulness to their users, and this need for maintenance continues to keep production tooling capabilities relevant and necessary for many companies. Additionally, for companies like JawsTec who offer 3D printing capabilities, keeping up with production tooling trends is vital to their competitive edge in the manufacturing world. To stay in touch with and fulfill our customers’ needs, we regularly acquire new machines and updates, providing even more options for increasing efficiency and precision. The need for businesses to maintain and upkeep of their machinery is fulfilled by 3D printing companies, whose 3D printing capabilities can deliver fast and precise production tooling results to the customer.


While production tooling may seem like a perfect solution to manufacturing replacement parts, it can have a few downsides. If parts are produced with inadequate or outdated machinery, they can have quality issues and may be unfit for use. It is important for companies that offer production tooling to their customers to keep their equipment in top shape. Additionally, if faulty parts are made with production tooling techniques, this can cause delays and inefficiency issues for both the providing company and the customer. It is vital to the health of manufacturing companies to keep their production tooling methods in place and in top shape in order to stay competitive in the manufacturing world.


As stated before, production tooling is a modern production technology that increases the efficiency, output, speed, precision, and productivity of businesses today. It is effective in decreasing costs and maximizing output for manufacturing companies and individuals alike. Prioritize the implementation and maintenance of proper production tooling in your company today. Visit and start your production tooling order!


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