Top 3D Scanning Apps for iPhones and Androids

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3D scanning apps are utilized to create a 3D file of a physical part, piece, or other object. They are extremely useful and save designers and modelers incredible amounts of time. Rather than re-creating the entire piece from scratch using 3D design software, an individual can scan the item with no more equipment than a cell phone and an installed scanning app.

Below, we have compiled a short list of some of the top-rated 3D scanning apps for iPhone and Android users. These apps vary in ability and applications but are helpful to almost anyone looking to scan an item for a project.

Some of the apps listed are Android compatible, and some are for iPhone users. Additionally, there are many other options available that may suit your needs or preferences better. We encourage you to use this list as a starting point and to experiment with other apps as needed. Lastly, a longer list can be found at this link.

3D LIVE SCANNER (Android only)

This is one of the best free scanning apps for 3D file designers. Anyone, from hobbyists to CAD file designers, can utilize this application in their projects.

Features: The app uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology and is great for scanning interiors and exteriors of buildings or any 3D object that you wish to print. Within the app, you can even make some minor adjustments to the details and specifications of the scan itself. The scans can be saved in several types of files, including .OBJ and .MTL.

Pros and cons: The biggest con of 3D Live Scanner is that it can only be used on Android devices. Other than that, it is a powerful tool that almost anyone can use.

User reviews and ratings: This app received 4.2 stars in ratings and is intended for use by architects, CAD designers, and other individuals, both amateur and professional.


3D Scanner App is available for iOS devices only. Additionally, it works best if used with a lidar-equipped camera, which is found on devices newer than and including the iPhone 12. With this app, users can create a rendering of an object that can be easily edited, measured, and shared in different types of files including .OBJ and .STL.

Features: The app uses lidar technology to scan in beautiful resolution and color. The settings can be adjusted to allow for flexibility, depending on the user’s needs.

Pros and cons: The only real con with the 3D Scanner App is that it must run on newer iPhone models. However, combining this app with the technology of the new iOS cameras provides a powerful tool for anyone to use. Finally, the personal version of this app is free!

User reviews and ratings: This app has received 4.6 stars in reviews. Its intended users are 3D and CAD file designers, architects, VR developers, and individual hobbyists.

POLYCAM (both)

Polycam is a unique application because it is usable on both iOS and Android devices. It is extremely flexible for users and can be installed on any device from 2015 or newer.

Features: This app also involves a lidar scan capability which is only available on new iPhone devices. However, even without this capability, it is a useful tool with a user-friendly interface. Scans can be edited, scaled, and exported from the application into many types of files.

Pros and cons: The only con for this app is the aspect that it is free for the basic system, but you must pay about $8/month for the improved version with bigger export ability and more downloadable file types.

User reviews and ratings: Polycam receives 4.8 stars on the app store. It is intended for use by hobbyists and professionals and is flexible and scalable to the user’s needs.

WIDAR (both)

Widar is another useful app since it is downloadable on both iOS and Android devices. It can stitch multiple photos together to create a fluid 3D image that is great for projects and presentations.

Features: The app also involves easy-to-use software for editing, erasing, and adjusting 3D scans. You can even change the image’s background and textures or adjust the scan’s orientation.

Pros and cons: This app contains many capabilities that are not found in other scanning apps, such as the ability to make drastic edits to scans and objects. Additionally, it is a completely free app and is very user friendly. The only downside is the relatively small variety of file types available for downloading. However, being a free app still under development and improvement, it is very useful.

User reviews and ratings: This app receives 4.1 stars in reviews. The intended audience of Widar is both hobbyists and professionals, especially in the fields of virtual design, VR development, and architects.

3D Live Scanner, 3D Scanner App, Polycam, and Widar are four apps which are great for 3D scanning and CAD file design. CAD files can be necessary for various projects, especially connected to 3D printing.

Some apps are more applicable and intended for different target audiences depending on their specific needs. Researching the best app for your purposes can take time but will ultimately pay off. We hope this article helped you find the right scanning app for your project. After your first scan is finished, visit our quote page to get your order started.


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