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Aug 8, 2022 | NFT | 0 comments

Most NFT marketplaces don’t help the NFTs create value. This is a growing concern for NFT creators and it can be difficult to find a solution.

Fortunately, at Jawstec we’re offering a unique solution for 3D model NFT creators. Our upcoming 3D Model Marketplace allows CAD sales, physical sales, and NFT ownership. It also ensures your customer will not only get the NFT but also a high-quality 3D printed model of the NFT they bought, offering something more than just an image on a screen.

For sales made at the Jawstec 3D Model Marketplace, royalties are given to the model maker, game developer, animator, or designer to create income. This could happen before the project even fully launches in order to get funding for the still-in-development project. This opens up a possibility for funding that breaks the typical Patreon mold.

The key to this is building trust between your team and your customers. The promise of a physical product can help with this. Delivery of this product will not fall to you or your time- it is automatically queued at Jawstec after purchase. Our facilities print, process, and send the printed product to the customer with no need to involve your busy team and no risk of broken promises.

The true potential of NFTs has not yet been explored. Being able to create a 3D model NFT that can be converted into a real physical object offers a whole new world of possibility. Customers can bring their NFT into their office as a piece of art. They could print and sell physical versions of the NFT to other customers, allowing it to function like a patent or copyright.

Making your NFTs stand out is only going to become increasingly difficult as time goes on and the technology develops. Like many technological spaces, the NFT market is ever-changing, responding to cultural and social changes that will make what used to work obsolete while offering new opportunities. Being among the lead adopters of the changes coming to NFTs can be just the edge you need to get the funding you need.

At JawsTec, we provide top-tier 3D printing for all of our customers, from industry giants like Tesla to small operations run from personal homes. When your 3D NFT is uploaded to our NFT marketplace, our team will review and begin printing if everything meets the printer’s specifications. It is up to the model designer to understand the printing requirements and our team will help get them the information they need. Once a customer purchases your NFT, the 3D model will be sent to one of our printer queues for printing within a few hours and follow-on finishing to ensure model integrity and quality. We will ship the completed 3D printed NFT model to the address provided by the customer.

This service is unlike any provided for NFTs today. Please take a look at our NFT marketplace landing page for more information and sign up for updates as we come closer to launch. We look forward to helping you add value and appeal to your NFTs in a brand new way!


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