3D Printed Battery Holder

May 26, 2021 | 3D printing | 0 comments

Numerous projects, both industrial and hobbyist, require specialized battery holders. These battery holders allow your project to be powered and are highly necessary, but they also usually have shape and weight requirements that can be pretty tricky to design.

Creating a Custom 3D Printed Battery Holder

A 3D printed battery holder is one of the best ways to create a custom battery holder for your project. With our great 3D printing Service offerings, we offer a wide range of material options. The sky’s the limit when creating a custom 3D printed battery holder when it comes to design.

Designing a Custom CAD File for a Battery Holder

3D printing is based entirely on a 3D CAD file. This carefully designed computer file provides the 3D printer the instructions to create your custom battery holder layer by layer. A well-designed CAD file is key to successfully 3D printing a product. Most 3D printers people are familiar with build products up layer by layer, though other work by sintering layers of powder together. Many materials can be 3D printed, from various plastics to metal, with more being designed and adapted to the process every year. 

Various Materials Needed For Your 3D Printed Project

With 3D printing, you can design the perfect 3D printed battery holder for your project. Whether you need a simple, small AA battery holder or an 18v battery holder, you can create the right kind for you. The numerous materials available allow you to ensure that the weight is just right. At the same time, the freedom of design means you can ensure that the battery holder has just the proper ergonomics. For small projects that require a 18650 battery holder, this is an excellent option because the shape may be unusual and needs an exact design for its battery holder.

Let Jawstec Handle Your Next Project

At Jawstec, we have worked on large and small projects with all sorts of technical design concerns. We believe that 3D printing is the answer to many project design problems, including the challenge of battery holders. We’d love to help you design and create a perfect 3D printed battery holder for your product. Contact us today for a 3D print quote!


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