Benefits of CNC Manufacturing vs Manual Machining

Dec 16, 2021 | 3D printing, CNC Machining | 0 comments

When it comes to manufacturing, it can be hard to understand the impact of modern methods compared to more traditional one. Anyone who knows production knows that more modern isn’t always better, especially economically. Sometimes it just means more can go wrong.


CNC vs Manual Manufacturing: What’s the Difference

When comparing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and manual manufacturing, there are a lot of factors to consider. The two are very similar in many respects. Both use the same tools, from cutters to mills to presses and more. Just about any machine that can be used manually can be used with CNC.


The key difference is the control method for those tools. Manual machining is done by hand. An individual directs the movement of the machine. With CNC, a computer directs the tools according to a computer model file (typically a CAD file). 


This can make a big difference. CNC machined parts are exactly the same every time they are made because they are following the same model to the letter. When the same tools are used by hand, this is much more difficult. While a skilled machine operator can perform the same actions over and over again, exhaustion and distraction start to set in over time. Also, there might be slight variations if the machinist switches out during product production. There are no concerns about someone not following a blueprint or slipping slightly.


CNC machining is much more precise as well, especially with odd or difficult angles or shapes. The exact directions in the computer model are what the CNC machine will do every time, no matter how slight. This opens up a lot of possibilities for design that were previously limited by the unknown skill of the machinist or the limitations of human senses and muscular precision. 


At Jawstec, we offer highly efficient and precise CNC manufacturing. Our team understands how to tailor designs to take advantage of CNC manufacturing’s unique precision and accuracy. Whether you are familiar with computer CAD design or completely new to the idea, the Jawstec team can help you take a project from its earliest design concepts to CNC production to high-quality finishing. Contact us today for a CNC quote!



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