Carve Up the Track with Custom 3D Printed & CNC RC Car Wheels

Apr 13, 2021 | 3D printing, CNC Machining | 4 comments

RC car hobbyists are constantly replacing parts, and wheels especially can take a beating. So, of course, can your wallet. The pricing can go double (or more) if you are looking to run your RC car on different kinds of terrain, which require different types of RC car wheels. 

With modern manufacturing methods, luckily, there are great solutions to the issue you might find with RC car wheels and new opportunities for creativity. CNC and 3D printing are great ways to learn new skills and create the perfect RC car wheels for your project.

CNC RC Wheels

CNC provides a cost-effective answer to your RC wheel problems. A CNC RC wheelset can be custom designed digitally and made by the batch precisely to your design. No more searching hobby stores or the web for the perfect fit for your RC car or your wallet. 

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC machines are traditional manufacturing machines, like mills and presses, that follow a computer’s directions to create a product according to digital design. They rotate and align multiple axes to ensure they follow the plan strictly. These days, CNC machines usually make use of a 3D CAD design.

CNC RC wheels are a very economical choice, particularly if you want or need a custom design. If not creating a large batch of molds or casts, a smaller CNC shop gives you the exact number of CNC RC wheels you need. You can make custom RC wheelsets that are simple to change out in case of an accident or a versatile set that all keep a similar look.

The customization possibilities of CNC RC wheels are endless. If you want a set of CNC RC Beadlock wheels that fit just right for your RC car, you can design and order it in several colors or even with small artistic touches. The limits are the material, the machine’s settings, and your skills in CAD design. Create custom RC wheels that are perfect for the terrain, race, or look that you want. 

TPU RC Wheels

3D printing also offers excellent options for RC car wheels, specifically with a material called TPU. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a fantastic material. It’s very flexible and very tough, especially when it comes to impacts, and looks great after benign 3D printed. This material makes TPU ideal for creating custom 3D-printed RC car wheels. 

Like CNC, 3D printing follows a CAD file, this time building an object layer by layer rather than carving it out of existing material. TPU for 3D printing comes in a filament made up of numerous colors used to print objects. TPU is “just right” for 3D printing things like RC car wheels since it is flexible and springy enough to function very well as a wheel but rigid sufficient to print objects correctly when heated up by the printer.

Get the CNC and TPU printed RC car wheels you want by reaching out to Jawstec today to explore CNC design possibilities. Our team can help with every aspect of creating custom CNC or TPU RC wheels, from design to final finishing. No matter your age or knowledge of CAD design, we are here to help you put the final touches on your RC car with a set of CNC RC wheels or TPU car wheels.



  1. Philippe Gauvin

    Hi, I’m looking to have made 2.2 inch wheels 12mm hex with insanely large positive offset such that the spokes and center stick out from the wheel. I don’t know if you do tires but they’d have to be road tires. I live in Canada montreal and would need them shipped here do you do that?

  2. Jason

    I need a set of wheels made for my 1/10 scale RC car. If at all possible I’d like them made of aluminum. Is this something that you might be interested in doing?

  3. Jackie Denton

    I’m a hobbyist, I’m looking for custom wheels. Actually, I need 5. A certain wheel. I have a Chevy K5 Cheyenne with hurricane wheels. The vintage 15 spoke kind. I was wondering if those can be made into 1.9 inch internal bead lock wheels.

  4. Brandon Venable

    Could you guys make me some custom wheels? I’m trying to build a rc replica of the truck me and my father are building. If y’all could get back to me I would greatly appreciate it!


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