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Jan 2, 2020 | Additive Manufacturing | 1 comment

The world of additive manufacturing is fast-paced and constantly changing. Whether you’re a professional with interests in 3D printing for business, a hobbyist, or just someone who enjoys keeping up with the latest tech, it can be hard to find resources about additive manufacturing. Sites such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal will occasionally mention additive manufacturing, but it is rarely an in-depth look. 

Fortunately, the additive manufacturing community is a lively and growing one that has built many excellent websites and blogs to help you know what is going on with additive manufacturing. Use these additive manufacturing resources to learn more and even inspire yourself to create new uses for 3D printing and amazing new design ideas. 

Additive Manufacturing 

This helpful website offers news from around the world about additive manufacturing. It provides many useful articles and videos that feature not only the biggest business and scientific news related to 3D printing, but also showcases some of the most interesting things made via additive manufacturing. The website is the digital extension of the Additive Manufacturing magazine.

Your home for news, education, and updates about additive manufacturing events. This website provides quick links in their clever, 3d-printer-style header to a list of news about the major aspects of additive manufacturing: the basics, general news, Q&A, medical news, educational news, and additive manufacturing events news. 


Looking to create a new 3D object? Need some inspiration? Maybe you’re just curious about what the community is doing? Thingiverse has you covered. You can download or upload designs on Thingiverse, allowing other 3D printing enthusiasts to use your designs. Many users also provide feedback and info on how best to print the object. Thingiverse also offers educational resources and a number of design challenges as well as place to discuss additive manufacturing. 

3D Printing Industry

This is an excellent site for industry news. It also provides a free beginner’s guide to additive manufacturing, as well as 3D printer reviews. For those who are interested in working in the industry, the site also hosts a job board.

Besides offering all the latest news about additive manufacturing, this website also provides info on additive manufacturing events and research. You can also search for jobs on their job board, discuss additive manufacturing on their forum, or sign up for some of their training courses. 

At Jawstec, we use these resources to keep up with the latest news in additive manufacturing and make sure we keep our skills sharp. We are here to help you utilize additive manufacturing for your project, with design services and an incredible array of 3D printing capabilities. Get a quote from us today!

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