How 3D Printing Can Improve the Economy

Jul 28, 2020 | 3D printing | 0 comments

The world economy is feeling the 2020 pinch this year and possibly for years to come. There are many economic challenges both in the present and the future, but 3D printing provides new ways to help the economy.

Part of the reason is that it helps shorten the supply chain. With 3D printing, a variety of equipment, parts, and products can be made on-site from the same materials without having to wait for weeks or even months for deliveries.

This also means that there is less inventory sitting on the shelves unused and unsold (and, in many countries, taxed). With 3D printing, inventory can be made on-demand. There’s much less need to keep spare parts if it only takes a few hours, some feedstock material, and a computer model to produce a new, perfectly functional part on or close to the place where it is needed.

On top of all this, infrastructure can be leapfrogged. Poor road conditions can extend or even pause logistics chains. In the developing world, this is a major issue that delays economic development. 3D printing enables many different products to be made in one location and the materials can typically be stored easily for long periods of time. Infrastructure issues are no longer the hurdle they once were.

Of course, one of the greatest strengths of 3D printing is its versatility. A single 3D printer can create an infinite variety of designs, with the only limit being the materials it can use and the space available on the print surface. Unlike machining or casting, there is very little cost to using the printer for a new design. All it requires is a new computer model to be created, formatted, and uploaded. This also means that there is no lower limit to the products of a certain design that you can print to make them financially viable, as you are not trying to offset the setup cost in the same way as you would with other production methods.

We here at Jawstec understand the economic challenges you are facing now and your concerns about the future. Our expert staff would be delighted to help you start using 3D printing to help overcome them. From the earliest stages of design to final finishing, we can walk your project through the 3D printing process to get the results you need. Contact us today!


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