Upgrade Your RC Vehicle with CNC & 3D Printed RC Engine Parts

Apr 29, 2021 | 3D printing, CNC Machining | 0 comments

RC (remote-controlled) vehicles are a fun hobby. Speeding through the dirt, track, water, air, or more is a blast, especially as practice makes you better and better. It’s also a great way to learn basic design principles and exercise your creativity in a whole new way.

Thanks to the easy availability of CNC (computer numerical control) manufacturing and 3D printing, there are more possibilities than ever for designing and creating RC engines. Whether you are looking to develop your engines for a custom RC vehicle or looking to have a supply of replacements on hand, these modern manufacturing techniques provide the answer.

CNC RC Engines

CNC is a manufacturing technique that directs manufacturing tools using a computer. A set of instructions, usually in the form of a 3D CAD model, is loaded into the computer. Then, the computer steers the CNC machine to follow those instructions. CNC machines include mills, lathes, and much more. 

CNC machines are great for smaller RC engine parts. A CNC machine will follow the instructions uploaded into it every single time with perfect precision. CNC RC engine parts can be cut to exact detail without fault. 

3D Printed RC Engines

3D printing works similarly to CNC in that everything the printer does base on a 3D model in a CAD file. Depending on the kind of 3D printer and the kind of material it is working with, a 3D printer will either extrude material to build up a product layer by layer or fuse material together layer by layer to create a product. 

3D printers are best known these days for printing plastic, which they can do for a wide variety of plastics, but they can also be used to print metal RC engine parts. What is unique about 3D printed RC engine parts is that a 3D printer can create components with angles or curves that are impossible with other manufacturing techniques. A good model, a suitable material, and the correct 3D printer can make incredibly detailed and small 3D-printed RC engines.

3D printed products can be created in any size order you want. If you want one 3D printed RC engine seal, you will get, and pay for, only one, unlike many other manufacturing methods with minimum batch sizes for cost-effectiveness. With a 3D printer, you pay vinyl for the printer’s running, the cost of the material, and the cost of any finishing the product might require. 

At Jawstec, we would be happy to help you make a CNC, or 3D printed RC car engine, RC boat engine, RC plane engine, or RC helicopter engine. Our team knows the ins and outs of big and small projects, whether they are hobbies or commercial projects, from the first sketches of design to the finished product. Contact us today for a CNC quote or a 3D print quote



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